Çıralı - Phaselis (Antique city) - Tahtalı Mountain Cable Car (2365 metre) Tour – Çıralı

With Tahtalı Cable Car which is located in one of the most beautiful national parks of the world where security and safety are above all a visit to the summit by watching ramps, valleys and wild animals in wild jungle and above unique ceddar woods and sometimes clouds make our guests live unforgettable moments.

Çıralı - Myra – St. Nicholas - Demre - Üçağız - Kale - Batık Şehir – Kekova - Çıralı

Arykanda and Kekova have rich historical structure and are in a distance where you can go and turn back in a a day. There are many ruins. There are Roma baths, theatre, tombs which appear from water, antique city under the sea and numerous beautiful cove. These are just some of the numerous beauties which you will find in these two points.

Çıralı - Yanartaş

A walk from our pension in an hour, Chimera which sweeps out fire from its mouth is not only the most important symbol of our village, but also all of the Lykia region. In order to see seeing this creature which still sweeps out fire, the best time is evening. Walking is very easy on the path which is paved with stones.

Yacht Tour

Yachts which go from Çıralı coast between 10:00 - 17:00 every day related to the weather conditions.

Olympos beach - Caves – Historical Natural Ceneviz Port – Break for lunch - Swimming – Activities on the Beach - Sazak Cove - Çoban Port – and deep blue sea, shadow of the pine trees and Çıralı in the sunset.

» From Çıralı coast Üçadalar - Atbükü - Maden Cove - Lunch – Swimming – Activities on the beach - Karaburun and Çıralı

» From Çıralı coast Phaselis (Antique City and Üç Liman) - Swimming – Lunch - Üçadalar – Chromium mine (ruins of machine) – Çıralı

Kumluca and Kemer Public bazaar tours are done on Friday and Monday.

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